• Texas History

    7th Grade Sustainibility:


    About Texas History:

    Students will be able to identify major eras in Texas History, including Natural Texas and its People, Age of Contact, Spanish Colonial, Mexican National, Revolution and Republic, Early Statehood, Texas in the Civil War and Reconstruction, Cotton, Cattle, and Railroads, Age of Oil, Texas in the Great Depression and World War II, Civil Rights and Conservatism, and Contemporary Texas.


    I am a product of a Houston area education graduating Cum Laude from Chester W. Nimitz High School. I received my Baceholors of Arts & Humanities degree from the University of Houston in addition to minoring in Education. I am someone driven to develop my pedagogy in hopes of having a lasting positive impact on students. I am a proud husband and father of two boys and an avid Houston sports fan.

    The 2019-2020 school year will mark my 8th year at Tanglewood Middle School. I have worked in Special Education and taught 7th grade Texas History during this time. Currently I serve as the PLC (Professional Learning Community) team lead for 7th grade sustainability. 

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