• 6A UPDATED Weekly Schedule

    Posted by Lauren Reid on 3/27/2020 2:00:00 AM

    Hello students and parents!

    • You can check our individual blogs every Monday by 10 am for assignments.
    • We miss you all so much! 
    • Additionally, we will try to be available Monday-Friday from 1 pm - 3 pm to answer questions you have through email. 

    Missing you!

    6A Teachers - Ms. Reid, Mrs. Ichara, Mr. Velazquez, and Mr. Switzer

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  • Letter to All

    Posted by Gregory Switzer on 3/27/2020

    Dear Parents and Students

    We wish we could tell you all of this in person. We miss you! This post is to let you know our plans and to begin a dialogue so that we can all help the kids keep learning during these difficult circumstances.

    As many of you have already heard, HISD is implementing online school for now. None of us are sure how long this will last or exactly how we will deliver our lessons, though we have a good idea. We will probably use a range of methods, from Google Classroom and other online programs to email and our blogs, and we will be learning along with our students. No doubt some of them will be a great help to us! One constant in our new approach, however, will be the use of technology. That is our first task, to find out which of our students may not have access to the internet and a computer (desk, laptop, tablet or smart phone).

    We will keep virtual office hours between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm during which you can contact your teacher by email or through Google Classroom in that teacher uses Goggle classroom. We will try to answer you as quickly as possible. At other times, feel free to communicate with your teacher in the same way, but replies may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

    We have tried to reach out to all of you but if anyone has not been contacted, please email a teacher right away. We need to know that you have access to the internet or if there are any problems. If you are having trouble with technology, also reach out to a teacher but don't forget about the Pin Oak Website. There is a list of instructions to help you with technology.

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  • 6A Technology Survey

    Posted by Lauren Reid on 3/24/2020

    Please take the 6A technology survey to give us more information on your current situation, so that we can meet your needs over the next few weeks:

    Survey Linkhttps://forms.gle/1wFUa3FvpJGGm3hy8

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  • This Week in Science : March 2, 2020

    Posted by Christiana Ichara on 3/3/2020
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  • Updated Parent Conference Request Form

    Posted by Christiana Ichara on 9/30/2019
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  • Open House : September 6, 2019

    Posted by Christiana Ichara on 9/6/2019
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  • Parents Conference Request Form

    Posted by Christiana Ichara on 8/26/2019
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  • 6 A Information

    Posted by Christiana Ichara on 8/25/2019
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