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  • Finals Week

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 5/17/2019

    Next week we will complete the semester with Final Exams. Students are responsible for having any study guides or necessary materials completed BEFORE they test.

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  • Summer Reading!

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 5/7/2019

    This summer, students will choose one of five award-winning books to read. Students will participate in a school-wide book club during the first week of school to discuss the selections. Students will be given an assignment during the first weeks of school related to their selected book. The Barnes & Noble located in Vanderbilt Square, 3003 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77025 will be alerted of these campus selections so they will have extra copies in stock should a student choose to purchase a copy.

    • Restart, by Gordon Korman Chase does not remember falling off the roof, in fact he does not remember anything about himself, and when he gets back to middle school he begins to learn who he was through the reactions of the other kids--trouble is, he really is not sure he likes the Chase that is being revealed, but can he take the opportunity amnesia has provided and restart his life?
    • The First Rule of Punk, by Celia C. Perez Twelve-year-old María Luisa O'Neill-Morales (who really prefers to be called Malú) reluctantly moves with her Mexican-American mother to Chicago and starts seventh grade with a bang--violating the dress code with her punk rock aesthetic and spurning the middle school's most popular girl in favor of starting a band with a group of like- minded weirdos.
    • In the Shadow of the Sun, by Anne Sibley O’Brien Twelve-year-old Mia is on a five-day tour of North Korea with her older brother, Simon, and their father, Mark, a food aide worker, but she is scared because her father keeps sneaking off at night, and terrified that her brother's rebellious behavior is going to get them in trouble. Things get much worse when she is pulled into a deadly political game that seeks to expose North Korean atrocities, and her father is arrested.
    • A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family and must walk with other Dinka tribe members through southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya in search of safe haven.
    • Fever 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson In 1793 Philadelphia, sixteen-year-old Matilda Cook, separated from her sick mother, learns about perseverance and self-reliance when she is forced to cope with the horrors of a yellow fever epidemic.
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    Posted by Micah Nellums on 4/16/2019

    You are cordially invited you participate in our final all A honor roll!

    To volunteer, please click the link here. See other details below. cycle5

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    Posted by Micah Nellums on 4/4/2019

    This upcoming week, we will start round one of STAAR testing. 

    Monday will be a charger day for teachers of testing students to wrap up last minute preparations. 

    7th grade will be taking the Writing STAAR on Tuesday, April 9th and their Algebra Qualifier on Wednesday, April 10th. You will find the testing schedule below. Thursday and Friday will be Green and Blue Days, respectively. 

    Please make sure your students are getting enough rest. Snacks are permitted during the STAAR. All technology will be collected by Test Administrators and will not be given back until all students have finished within their testing room. Technology is not allowed to be left in lockers on these days. 


     bell schedule


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  • End of Cycle 5

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 4/2/2019

                    Image result for gRADING ENDS

    Reminder:  Cycle 5 ends April 5th. All missing work must be turned in no later than 4:00 that day. 

    Report Cards will go home the following Friday, April 12th. 

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  • 7C Field Trip Information

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 3/29/2019

    fieldtrip  This year, we will be traveling as a cluster to George Ranch Historical Park. Students will be traveling on the last day of school, May 31st. We will leave at 9:30 and return at 2:45. Students are expected to bring a sack lunch. More information on the logistics will be given as we approach the date. 

    Field forms are available here

    Medical Release Forms are available here

    Students should have received these forms on 3/29 in their English course. They will be due on the 12 of April and no later. 

    The price is $15. If you need assistance, please feel free to email Ms. Nellums for accommodations or a scholarship. 

    We need parent Chaperones!! (10)

    Parents who wish to volunteer to chaperone for the trip, please see below: 

    All volunteers must register online and pass a criminal background check before they can participate as a volunteer. Please follow the steps below to become a VIPS:
    Step 1:

    Register online at www.houstonisd.org, stay on the homepage and click on the VIPS login under the Parents link section.

    Step 2:

    Once you have registered, you must go in person to the school of interest and show proof of identification.

    Step 3:

    Identification information will go into our database for processing by the
    Volunteer Coordinator at each campus.

    Step 4:

    The criminal history background check can take 2-3 weeks to complete.

    Step 5:

    Once you are CLEARED to volunteer, you are eligible to volunteer throughout HISD.

    What type of identification is accepted?

    +Texas Driver’s License
    + Official Passport
    + Texas Identification Card
    + Official U. S. Military ID
    + Driver’s License (issued by any state in the U.S.)
    + Matricula Consular
    + Identification Card (issued by any state in the U.S.)
    + Resident Alien Card


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  • Honor Roll party cycle 4

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 2/25/2019

    cycle 7

    Sign up to provide goodies here

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  • Cycle 4 Ends on Friday, February 15th

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 2/8/2019

    Cycle 4 ends on February 15th, this coming Friday. As it is early dismissal, we highly encourage students to turn in missing and late assignments prior to that date. We also encourage students to read our previous posts on "action steps" to take in order for optimal success.

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  • UPDATES 1/25

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 1/25/2019


    Progress reports will go home on Tuesday during 8th period. We encourage students to not wait unti the cycle ends on 2/15 to make up late work. All teachers have tutorials and are available during Team Time for any necessary assistance.


    We have noticed and notified students about dresscode. Guidelines can be found on page 12 of the student planner.

    Polos (dryfit athelesiure is not permitted), undershirts and jackets may only be solid charger royal blue, grey or white. SHIRTS SHOULD BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES. 

    Logos on jackets must be no larger than students IDs which must be on and visible at all times. 

    Jeans may not have holes and shorts and skirts must be at least 2 inches above the knee. (This is not gender exclusive). 

    Students who choose to be out of dress code will be redirected and may be sent to borrow in dresscode attire from the appropriate house office. 


    Student technology must be kept in lockers at all time and use is not permitted on campus at any time. All communication between students and parents will occur through the main or the house offices. Technology includes any technology that connects to WiFi and can send or recieve messages or notifications such as but not limited to tablets that are not exclusively ereaders, smart watches and cell phones. 


    Some students have been excessively tardy to class. We are reminding students that detentions will be given for students who have been tardy 3 times. 

    Students should also be mindful that being in the hallway without a pass also warrants as detention. There is always a designated place for students to be and those who choose to loiter in the hallways during lunch consistently will recieve consequences. Students should only be in the 7C hallway or any hallway if they have a pass to or are currently in a class with the respective teachers. 

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  • NEXT WEEK (1/21)

    Posted by Micah Nellums on 1/18/2019

    Next week, due to MLK day, we will not have a charger day.

    The schedule will be as follows:


    TUESDAY - Green Day


    WEDNESDAY - Blue Day

    7C Honor Roll Party during TEAM TIME 

    THURSDAY - Green Day

    On Tuesday, we will begin choosing clubs which will meet on the following Wednesdays from 10:05-10:30

    February 6

    February 20

    March 6

    March 27

    April 3

    April 24

    May 29

    FRIDAY- Blue Day

    We will have TEAM TIME today as it is a regularly scheduled blue day. 

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Ms. Kerri Coffman (Fujiwara)



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kerri Coffman (Fujiwara)

I am a graduate of West Virginia University. After a career in college student housing, I entered the teaching profession 13 years ago. Surprisingly, Science was not my favorite class growing up. Now, I LOVE Science! I really enjoy seeing students grow and explore their curiosities! When school is not in session, I spend my time READING, watching/playing sports, and spending as much time as possible traveling the country visiting our family and friends!

Ms. Hulbirt



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hulbirt

I am a native Houstonian a graduate of St. Agnes Academy and the University of Texas.  This will be my 21st year teaching in HISD and my 7th year at Pin Oak.  I love traveling whether it be around Texas or out of the country.  I enjoy reading, gardening, listening to music and being crafty. 

Mrs. Rittmueller



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rittmueller

I earned my B.S. degree in Mathematics at Louisiana State University in 2010. I then went on to earn my M.S. degree in Mathematics at the University of Houston. I worked at for a seismic data company for 2 years as a processing geophysicist. I enjoyed my work but it was nothing compared to the joys of teaching I experienced as a teaching assistant at the University of Houston while earning my Master's degree. I chose to earn my Alternative Certification in Math 7-12 and since then I have been teaching!

Ms. Nellums



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nellums

I am a born and raised Houstonian. I attended and graduated from HISD Schools (Poe Elementary, Johnston (Meyerland) Middle School and Lamar High School). I later attended UT Arlington where I graduated with a Linguistics major, a minor in Korean and a TESOL certification. On the weekends I enjoy trying new foods, watching scary movies and hanging out with friends and family. 


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    E-mail is our best line of communication:

    K. Coffman


    S. Hulbirt


    M. Nellums


    J. Ritmueller