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     Bethany Hunt- Registered Nurse



        1815 Shannon Valley

    Houston, TX 77077


    281-386-2123 (fax)


    Hello, Ashford parents! My name is Bethany Hunt. As your child’s school nurse, it is my great pleasure to help students with their health issues and education, administer medications, handle any emergencies, and track the immunization status of each student. My goal is to provide excellent care for each student and maintain a healthy school environment. In order to do that, I need your help. I ask each parent to notify the nurse of any medical problems a student may have and keep up-to-date immunization records. Please make sure that the school has your updated contact numbers so that we may reach you in the event of an emergency. This will aid in providing efficient case management of your student (s). Below I have included some helpful links and information that you may need throughout the school year. Let's work together and make this a great year!



    HISD Medication Policy

    Several important policies must be followed when medication is to be taken at school. All medication must be brought to the clinic. Students are not allowed to self-administer or to keep medication on their person or in their backpacks while in school. ALL MEDICATION (including over the counter medications) must be accompanied by an HISD Physician Request form. Forms are obtained from the nurse or you can download and print the forms off of this website. All medication must be administered in the clinic under supervision. Medications must be in the original container and properly labeled by the pharmacy.

    The Medication During School Hours form must be filled out and signed by the physician or dentist and parent/legal guardian then returned to the nurse to be kept in the clinic. No medication, prescription or non-prescription will be dispensed by the nurse without this form being on file. The form must be renewed each year.

    Any pertinent health information should immediately be provided to the nurse so that she may be of assistance in matters concerning student health. 

    • Healthcare Provider’s Request for Administration of Medication at School Building During School Hours






    HISD School Based Clinics: