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  • Employee Benefits

    The Benefits Department

    The Benefits department administers the district's employee benefit programs to improve the physical, mental, and financial well being of our employees and their families. We meet employee needs through an array of quality medical, insurance and voluntary benefit programs. The programs help attract top talent to the district and improve the lives of our highly skilled workforce.

    The Benefits department has the following specialized units to help employees:

    Health and Wellness Benefits
    • Benefits administration, enrollment, changes, customer support
    • HISD Benefits Guide
    • On-site health clinics

    Employee Discount Programs
    • HISD Employee Discounts

    Employee Support Services
    • Voluntary 403b and 457 plan administration
    • Retirement counseling and processing (TRS)
    • Supplemental Sick LeaveBank program administration
    • Drug Free workplace administration
    • Employee Assistance Program

    Workers' Compensation
    • Workers' compensation claims administration
    • Assault leave administration
    • Modified duty program
    • Unemployment compensation claims