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    My name is Ernesto Manrique Jr.  I have been a teacher for over 10 years! I love helping students really understand the Algebra 1 principles while having some fun in class.  I graduated from Pasadena High School in 2004 and from University of Houston in 2009, CO GOOGS! 



  • Algebra 1 is the critical element in secondary mathematics education. Topics introduced in Algebra 1 provide the foundation students require for future success in high school mathematics, critical thinking, and problem solving. The primary goal in Algebra 1 is to help students transfer their concrete mathematical knowledge to more abstract algebraic generalizations.


    Course Description: Algebra 1 topics include recognizing and developing patterns using tables, graphs and equations. In addition, students will explore operations on algebraic expressions, apply mathematical properties to algebraic equations. Students will solve problems using equations, graphs and tables to investigate linear relationships. Technology will be used to introduce and expand upon the areas of study listed above. Use of computers and graphing calculators will be incorporated into each module.