Rainbow Challenge 2018

  • Rainbow Challenge is a problem-solving competition conducted by the Houston ISD Mathematics Department, 30 schools and 450 students participated in the event hosted at Frank Black Middle School.

     Team members and coaches were: 

     1st place Math Winners

    4th Grade - Mrs. Borrego

     Garbriella Garcia, Jamil Martinez, Luis Ortiz, Jesus Ruiz, Miranda Salas


     2nd place Math Winners

    3rd Grade - Mrs. Sicinski

     Stephanie Arizpe, Salma Cabral, Jacob Lopez, Luis Torres, Khloe Venison


    5th Grade – Ms. Lee

    Zachary Bullock, Christian Dominguez, Isabella Garcia, Natalie Martinez, Isabella Valdez


    We are proud of our teachers and students' for their hard work!

Rainbow Challenge Competitors