Learning at Home


    Travis Elementary utilizes a Family Homework Choice policy. Homework choices provided by your child’s teacher are completed at the discretion of families based upon student need and do not factor into student grades. The ‘Essential Understandings’ of what homework is at Travis can be found in the Travis Policies and Procedures found here.


    For families seeking to support learning at home, listed below are recommended online instructional resources. These can be used to:

    • Find explanations of concepts to reinforce student learning
    • Practice concepts/build foundational skills
    • Extend learning


    Get a detailed look at what your child should be learning and achieving in each grade level by going to the Houston ISD Parent Guides at this website: https://www.houstonisd.org/domain/46742.


    If you need assistance supporting your child’s learning at home, ask your child’s teacher to share with you the visual aides used in the classroom (i.e. anchor charts or student notebooks) or where to access visuals among the online resources listed below.


    Please read these instructions on how to access these resources through HISD’s PowerUp HUB:


    STEP 1: Log On to PowerUp HUB To explore these resources                                                         
    • Ask your child to log on to the HISD PowerUp HUB at http://www.houstonisd.org/hisd.
    • Click on the PowerUp HUB icon located in the middle of the page
                 or at https://www.houstonisd.org/HUB.

    At home, students log in with:

    Username: STUDENT\S followed by the student ID# - no spaces

    Password: is their birth date [MMDDYYYY]

    For example: 

    Username: STUDENT\S1234567

    Password: 01072008  (If birthday is January 7, 2008)

    Learning at Home




    STEP 2:  Access Digital Resources Once logged in                                                                   

    • Click on the Digital Resources tab for resources available to your child.
    • Some of the resources will require log-in information, while others will not.

    Learning at Home



    Below are supplementary resources for learning activities at home. Please communicate with your child’s teacher on recommendations tailored to your child’s needs.


    English Language Arts

     Achieve3000  SmartyAnts

    Adaptive reading program with daily assignments at student’s independent reading level with comprehension questions.


    Achieve offers the SmartyAnts program for students in grades K-2 and the KidBiz program for students in grades 3-5.



    E-books for reading pleasure with comprehension questions



    Aligns to Texas math curriculum. Access student workbook online.


    Imagine MathImagine Math

    Adaptive math program for 2nd- 5th grade students.


     Science Fusion

    Aligns to Texas science curriculum. Access student workbook online.


    Travis adopted curriculum. Teacher assigned lessons are accessed here.

    Social Studies

     Studies Weekly

    Aligns to Texas social studies curriculum. Access student resources online.





     GregTangMath  Brain Pop  Brain Pop Jr.
     Discovery Education  Khan Academy  Britannica School