• Northside High School 9th Grade Schedule Options

    New 9th Graders take four core classes, 1 CTE/Magnet class, PE and either a foreign language or a fine arts class. Northside HS will have a 7-period schedule with 53 minute classes in 2018-19.


    On Level



    English 1

    Pre-AP English


    Algebra 1

    -Pre-AP Algebra or

    -pre-AP Geometry (prereq: 80 average in Alg) or

    -Fast Track pre-AP Geometry and Alg II (prereq: 90 average in pre-AP Alg and teacher recommendation



    Pre-AP Biology


    World Geography

    -Pre-AP World Geography or

    -AP Human Geography


    -Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (Culinary & Hotel Magnet)

    -Principles of Arts & Audio/Video (Audio Video Magnet)

    -Principles of Information Technology (Digital Media or Computer Programming Pathway)

    Physical Education



    -Athletics (teacher recommendation required)

    -Marching Band, Pantherettes & Dance substitute for (Fall semester only)


    -Spanish 1

    -Spanish 2 (prerequisite Spanish 1)

    -Native Speaker Spanish

    -French 1

    Fine Arts

    -Marching Band (already plays an instrument)

    -Mariachi (already plays an instrument)

    -Orchestra (already plays an instrument)

    -Beginning Band


    -Performance Choir


    -Art 1

    -pre-AP Art 1

    -Theater 1

    -Dance 1

    Auditions will be held in May for the Pantherettes Drill Team, the performance choir, Advanced Theater among others.

    Northside HS Graduation Requirements:  26 credits

    4 credits English

    4 credits Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Alg II plus 1 of these (pre-calc, college prep math, AP Calc or AP Stat)

    4 credits Social Studies (W Geography, W History, US History, ½ US Government, ½ Economics)

    4 credits Science (Bio, Chem & Physics + 1 of these (Envi Sys, earth/sp, AP Envi, AP Bio, dual credit chem, etc.)

    1 credit Fine Arts

    2 credits Language other than English (same language)

    1 credits Physical Education

    ½ credit Health

    5 ½ credits Electives to include pathways


    Hospitality and Tourism: Culinary Arts Pathway

    • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (9th)

    • Introduction to Culinary Arts (10th)

    • Culinary Arts- double credit (11th)

    • Practicum in Culinary Arts-double credit (12th)

    Hospitality and Tourism: Hospitality Pathway Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (9th)

    • Hotel Management (10th)

    • Hospitality Services- double (11th)

    • Practicum in Hospitality Services-double credit (12th)

    Audio Video Production Pathway

    • Principles of Arts, A/V Technology and Communication (9th)

    • Audio/Video Production I (10th)

    • Audio/Video Production II (11th)

    • Audio/Video Production II Lab -double credit (12th)

    Information Technology: Digital Media Pathway

    • Principles of Information Technology (9th)

    • Digital Media (10th)

    • Web Technologies (11th)

    • Practicum in Research in IT-double credit (12th)

    Information Technology: Computer Programming Pathway

    • Principles of Information Technology (9th)

    • Computer Programming I* (10th)

    • Computer Programming II* (11th)

    • Practicum in Research in IT- double credit (12th)