Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Benjamin D. Buso

This is my 4th year teaching and 10th year working in Education. Previously, I managed Houston Community College's Learning Emporium before tranistioning to the classroom. This is my second year at East Early College High School and I am overjoyed to be here. This year I will be teaching Economics to seniors and One Goal to juniors. I am also the faculty sponsor for the student gutiar club and a cosponsor of the S.O.A.R. Robotics Club. 

I am looking forward to providing my students with the skills necessary to ensure success in High School, college, and life beyond the classroom. 

Tutorial Schedule: Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:45 - 4:45

Cell: (409) 241-9783

Phone: (713) 847-4809

Email: benjamin.buso@houstonisd.org 


  • About course(s) taught

     Teacher Schedule 

    A1: ECONOMICS   

    A2: One Goal Y1 

    A3: Conference  

    A4: One Goal Y1


    B6: One Goal Y1

    B7: One Goal Y1

    B8: Planning

    One Goal Syllabus 2021

    Economics Syllabus 2021