Student Account Information

  • HISD Student ID: This is a 7-digit unique ID given to each student at the time of enrollment and does not change.  It can be found on past report cards, progress reports, standardized test results, etc.

    "sID": Student username for logging into various HISD & resource websites. "s" + <student ID>

    For HISD login pages:

    username: student\s#######  (# is your student's ID number)
    Please make sure to use the backslash --not the forward slash-- when typing the username.

    password: MMDDYYYY  (your child’s birth date in 8-digit format)

    Example:  (If birthday is January 7, 2008)

    Username: student\s1234567
    Password: 01072008 

    If you need help please contact your homeroom teacher.

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