• On this page you will find instructions to access the HUB, our school's main remote learning platform. You will also find instructions on how to log in to Microsoft Teams, which will serve as the main way of communciation between teachers and students. 

    Also, there's information on how to get free WiFi and a suggested homeschooling schedule for a Middle School student.

    On the left hand side, you can access the material by grade level and then by content. 


    Below are the directions for logging in to the HUB and MS Teams. Both of these sites are the places where your child can get school work and communicate with the teachers. 

    Logging in to the HUB

    1. Open a web browser (preferably Chrome) and access the HUB at
    2. When prompted with the Houston ISD Login Service screen, enter:

                         Username: Student\S#######   (“#” is the student’s ID number)

                         Password: XXXXXXXX    (8 digits birthday)

    1. Click on Course then choose the class you need to access by content.
    2. Under the Resources or Plans tab, you will find the assignments your teacher has posted for you.

    Please note that the HUB can also be accessed via the ITSLEARNING app.

    Logging in to Microsoft Teams

    1. Open a web browser and go to or download the app, Microsoft Teams.
    2. Sign in Username:  Password: 8 digits birthday
    3. Chat publicly with the class or privately with the teacher. Stay on topic and use appropriate language.

Free WiFi (Internet) service

  • Free WiFi

  • Houston Food Bank


    Apply here:


    A continuación estan las instrucciones para entrar al HUB y a Microsoft Teams. Ambos sitios son los lugares donde su hijo/a puede obtener trabajo escolar y comunicarse con los maestros.

    Entrar a la pagina HUB

    1. Abrir una pagina de internet (preferiblemente Chrome) y acceder al HUB por
    2. Cuando aparezca la pagina de registro, entrar:

                         Username: Student\S#######   (“#” is the student’s ID number)

                         Password: XXXXXXXX    (8 digits birthday)

    1. Una vez en el HUB, seleccionar Courses y despues a la clase que quieras entrar.
    2. Bajo el tab de Resources o Plans de cada curso, encontraran los materiales acdemicos que el maestro o la maestra han puesto en linea.  

    Tambien puede acceder al HUB por el ITSLEARNING app.

    Entrar a Microsoft Teams

    1. Abrir el la pagina bajar la aplicacion "Microsoft Teams"
    2. Para registrarse, Username:  Password: 8 digits birthday
    3. Chatee en público con la clase o en privado con el maestro. Manténgase en el tema y use el lenguaje apropiado.

Servicio Gratis de Internet (WiFi)

  • Internet Gratis

  • Houston Food Bank

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