• Virtual Learning at CVHS

    The following information is subject to change.  More details are forthcoming.

    • CVHS will be on 6 weeks grading cycles. There will be 3 cycles in the fall semester and 3 cycles in the spring semester. This has been required of all school in HISD
    • ALL high schools are now 8:30 AM - 4:10 PM.
    • Attendance will be taken each period each day (see attendance policy below) - more details are forthcoming.
    • The daily schedule at CVHS will be an all block schedule.  Students will attend block 90 minute classes 5 days a week. The days will alternate between odd and even period days (see schedule below). 


    daily schedule


    Attendance Policy (details are still in development by HISD)

    • Teachers will take attendance each period daily including advocacy.
    • Students who engage in learning activities via the HUB, participate in a Teams meeting with teachers, or submit assignments via the HUB are considered “present” and will not be marked absent. Students assignment submission is via the HUB for each scheduled class. When unable to submit via the HUB students can submit assignments via emails, photos, phone conferences or other forms of documentation.
    • Students must attend (marked present) at least 90% of each of their classes to receive credit.
    • Students who have not logged in by 3:30 PM will be marked absent.
    • This absence can be resolved if the student engages in daily learning assigned by their teachers via the HUB by 11:59 PM
    • If a student is engaged in remote learning and completes the entire week’s worth of learning activities on Monday and does not log in for the remainder of the week, he/she will be marked “present” on Monday only and counted “absent” for Tuesday - Friday.