• Distance Learning First Steps

    To help 8A students communicate with teachers and navigate this new world of Distance Learning, we have created a Google Classroom group that we need ALL 8A students to join. It is called 8A Information Desk. The 8A teachers who have not been using Google Classroom are setting up pages, and their links will be on this page shortly. We will try to post the links for cross-housed classes as well. This page will be used to push out information from the district and from Pin Oak when we recieve it (sometimes we get the information after you do). 

    To Join:

    1. Open classroom.google.com

    2. Make sure that you are logged in with your HISD e-mail: s#######@online.houstonisd.org

    3. In the upper right corner, click the + (PLUS SIGN)

    4. Enter the following code: 4kot3ii

    Next Steps:

    You will now have joined the 8A Information Desk. Once you have done that, you have two tasks:

    Task 1: Take the 8A Student Distance Learning Survey 

    • Yes, we know that you have gotten a lot of surveys, but unfortunately, we are all trying to figure this out as we go. Not all of the information is being shared with the people who need it. Thank you for being patient! We need this information so that we can start reaching out and contacting you!

    Task 2: Please read and respond to the Google Classroom Comments Agreement.