• Surface Area of Prisms

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 7/10/2020

    Solution to last weeks POW: 



    This week's video lesson covers surface area of Prisms; each year, this proves to be one of the most difficult topics for pre-algebra students - not just at Pin Oak, but all over Texas! Some students have trouble visualizing a 2D representation of a 3D object, but I try and show you a formula (and why it works) that will get you around that.

    Lesson: https://youtu.be/27yP0Lwwbm0


    This week's POW: POW#6

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  • Tutorial (Teams) Link

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 7/7/2020

    Have trouble with an Imagine Math lesson? A specific math question? I'm here to help!


    Incoming Geometry Students - Mondays:

    (All houses) 230 PM -330 PM


    Incoming Algebra Students - Wednesdays:

    A-house; 10AM - 11AM

    B-house; 11AM - 12PM

    C-House; 12PM - 1PM


    Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


    If this link doesn't direct you properly, try this one - 


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  • The Pythagorean Theorem

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 7/3/2020

    Solution to last week's POW:



    This week, I'm introducing students to the Pythagorean Theorem by building on the square roots lesson from last week. Included in the video is a quick lesson and 4 common example problems.




    For an extension, this is a more detailed explanation that shows where the equation comes from:




    Problem of the week - POW#5

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  • Square roots

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 6/26/2020

    Solution to last week's POW: 



    This week's lesson is all about square numbers and square roots. Using a geometrical approach, I begin to lead you towards one of the most applied concepts you'll see in your future math classes, the Pythagorean Theorem (but, that's for next week).


    Instructional video: 



    This week's POW: POW4



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  • Repeating decimals to fractions, Mobile (Balance) Puzzles

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 6/19/2020

    Solution to last week's POW: 



    A topic no longer covered in Algebra, or Pre-Algebra, is converting repeating decimals to fractions. All students are taught how to go from a fraction to a decimal, but not always the other way around. And honestly, this is a great application of equality (building on last week's topic).


    Video/instruction: https://youtu.be/b89e3tVWA1M


    Problem of the week:POW3




    Another way of building a better sense of equality is by becoming a master of "Mobile Puzzles". Check out the following page, and have fun! http://solveme.edc.org/Mobiles.html


    If you need some examples, watch the following:



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  • Solving single-variable equations

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 6/12/2020

    Solution to last week's POW:

    (1) P = 4x + 4      (2) P = 6x + 2

    Want to see why? https://youtu.be/X_8fXRqj_D8




    In my pre-algebra classes, I typically spend at least 2 full periods where we solve equations using algebra tiles. If students can manipulate the tiles, it shows they have a strong understanding of the properties of equality.

    They often surpise themselves too! they realize they are able to solve much more complicated equations more quickly, without needing pencil and paper.


    Video Lesson: https://youtu.be/xnIoTLYIuo8


    Want some practice for fun? Check out these "Virtual Tiles".



    More Practice? The following file has a few equations and a template for tiles you can cut out. Equations Practice


    POW (Do you understand equality? This one is short and sweet!): POW#2



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  • Welcome / "Simplifying expressions"

    Posted by Mark Redstone on 6/4/2020

    This is the guy behind the voice; meet Mr. Redstone. https://youtu.be/Q0pXGGjWeXY

    I will be posting videos weekly that address some of the big ideas in Pre-Algebra (equation solving, rational/irrational numbers, and linear relationships).  We missed a lot of school this year, but that doesn't lower our expectations for the high school courses we offer. Our incoming 7th graders may be seeing some of these concepts for the first time, but, the exposure will ultimately be helpful.


    If there is something in the videos you want to discuss, or, you have a specific question from one of your Imagine Math pathways, meet me in Microsoft Teams on Wednesday. The links for these tutorials will be posted here when the time comes.


    My role is to serve as an added resource to prepare you for the work awaiting you in August. Technical questions on Imagine Math should be directed to Dr. Hamilton and Algebra qualification questions to Ms. Ryan.



    The videos this week have me passing along some review and instruction - but, it's necessary in order to prepare you for next week, where I will be showing you how to solve multi-step equations (variables on both sides, like terms and the distributive property) using a hands-on approach. Equations play a role in every unit next year!


    Adding and Subtracting Integers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIlpTQvHZIA

    Simplifying Variable Expressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Apbcxq7A8Gs

    The Distributive Property: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgNAXQ4A6h0


    Try the Problem of the week! 






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