• Albert Thomas Middle School Virtual Learning Overview

    Albert Thomas Middle School is deeply committed to raising the bar and closing learning gaps for all students. As a result, the administration has made a commitment to raising student progress that has translated into the following goals that will drive our summer school instruction (1) increasing academic achievement, (2) Utilizing Interventionist, (3) interventions for all students, and (4) Reducing class size. These goals include action items funded by Title I funds, enabling us to utilize these funds to provide supplemental services to each targeted population. By combining our vision along with the district’s initiatives, we strongly believe this plan will serve as a means for providing our students with a high-quality education that narrows and closes achievement gaps.


    School Staffing

    100%of the teachers and 100% of the instructional aides at Albert Thomas Middle School will be Highly Qualified. Teachers will be trained in the most current techniques that align with district adopted curricular programs and assessment tools. Grade level teachers will be encouraged to work together in planning and developing of lessons that will be needed for the students to be successful at each grade level. Teachers work in teams to plan together and provide constructive feedback about content and best instructional practices. Additionally, teachers will use the most current student’s data to assist in teaching and planning. Teachers also meet in teams to collaborate on best instructional practices.


    Additionally, having appropriately sized class allows teachers to employ important teaching strategies that help student learn and retain the information more fluently. Also, maller classes also let teachers work closely with the students in a small group setting. Which allows the teacher to have a more accurate accounting of the student’s progression or digression.


    Teachers in small classes can devote more time to individualized attention, engage in more time-on-task instruction and identify precisely and early those student learning problems that can be remediated before a student gets too far behind. Student behavior and achievement benefit from improved classroom environments.