21st Century After-school Centers on Education (ACE)

After-school Program Overview

  • Pleasantville Elementary School 21ST Century Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) programs
    consists of tutorials, homework assistance, and several enrichment activities. The ACE
    programs aim to improve student attendance, behavior, and academics, while providing safe
    supplemental learning space for students and families who otherwise would not have such
    opportunities. These grant-funded programs provide high quality supplemental enrichment
    activities that align with the regular academic program; and programs are encouraged to
    deliver those activities in creative, hands-on, and exploratory ways.

    After-school enrichment activities for students:
    Tutorials/Homework Assistance
    Arts and Crafts
    Cheer and Fitness
    Strategic Gaming

    Family Engagement Activities for Parents and Family Members
    ESL Class

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