• English IA Pre-AP

    DeBakey High School for Health Professions

    Ms. Hayes   

    Note about summer reading: The summer reading guide is meant to help you focus as you read. You should answer all of the questions briefly in your own words.  You may use this to jog your memory as we work on the summer reading project.  Watching the film is not a replacement for reading the book.
    DeBakey HSHP Pre-AP English classes are designed for college-bound students who demonstrate a high level of achievement in English and who are ready for the challenge of a faster-paced and more rigorous course than our college-bound magnet classes. The students will explore novels, short stories, and both standard poetry and epic poetry. Pre-AP will require deeper thinking, stronger writing, better grammar, and larger vocabularies to prepare students for college AP classes beginning junior year with AP Language. 



                    Wide-ruled or college-ruled loose-leaf paper (not from as tablet)

                    Binder with 5 dividers (May share binder with other classes)

                    Blue or black pens & checking pens (red, green, or purple)

                    #2 pencils with erasers

                    3"X5” cards with lines on one side

                    Highlighters in 4-6 colors

                    Optional art supplies for projects



    Issued grammar and literature textbooks, grammar workbook, and vocabulary book

    Fahrenheit 451


    Tentative Scope & Sequence:

    Cycle 1:


    Short Stories

    Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs


    Vocabulary Lessons 1-4


    Cycle 2:


    Finish Parts of Speech, begin Parts of a Sentence

    Analytical Writing


    Vocabulary Lessons 1-7


    Cycle 3:


    Finish Parts of a Sentence

    Analytical Writing

    Vocabulary Lessons 1-10

    Final Exam:

    Cumulative & Comprehensive, including new works to interpret.

     These plans are subject to change as needed to meet time constraints and to adjust to student progress.

     Students enrolled in this class will be given a copy of the classroom piolicies and procedures for each semester.