• Club Objectives:

    The objective of our club is to open up a collaborative welcoming space for all,

    who are interested in the fashion world & who want to explore fashion beyond.

    In each meeting, we discuss different fashion-based topics in relation to

    sustainability & cultures. Official members can propose topics they'd like to

    discuss and make a PowerPoint, or another way of educating the group, or

    propose a topic they'd like to discuss/teach to attendees during a meeting. An

    example of a topic we personally want to have a meeting based on is the

    historical use of nature throughout cultures to make clothing in comparison to

    today. Essentially, our club is about Knowledge & Fashion, similar to what we've

    done in TOK. (Club presidents are in the IBDP program) 

    Club Motto: 


    Meeting Days/Times/Location: 

Last Modified on November 18, 2022