• If you will be needing to take medication while at school for any reason, please inform the nurse. Whether you will be holding on to the medication yourself or it will be kept in the nurse’s office, the nurse needs to know, or you will not be allowed to take the medication at school.  

    Any student needing to take medication while at school must turn in a doctor’s order/prescription to the nurse and parent must fill out a medication at school form.  Student’s and parents may contact the nurse at Khadijah.jimoh@houstonisd.org.  

    Parents may drop off medication and doctors letters to nurses office.

    * For Diabetic children, parents please provide the nurse with snack to hold in nurses office 

    * Please also inform nurse if you child has any special dietary needs that the cafeteria team should be aware of

    Common medications to notify nurse of (This is not a complete list, please notify nurse of all medications that will be taken at school):

    • Epipen
    • Insulin
    • Birth Control
    • ADHD Medication, such as Adderall
    • Over the counter medications, such as Tylenol, Benadryl, and Ibuprofen
    • Inhalers