2020-2021 - Instructional Hybrid Bell Schedule

  • The below bell schedule is effective starting Monday, October 19, 2020.

    Students who are attending school virtually will also follow this schedule. 

    Please click here for the 20-21 Hybrid Bell Schedule. 

A/B - Group Schedule

  • To keep all students and staff safe at Madison High School, student capacity will be reduced to 50 percent. Students who elected to return to school on October 19, 2020 will attend by last name. Students have been placed in groups by color depending on their last name. Please see how the groups are identified below.


    Last Names A-J (Mon/Tues) - Red Group

    Last Names K-Z (Wed/Thurs)- Blue Group

    Virtual = Yellow  


    Please note that even if a student elected to come back face- to-face, he or she will NOT come to school everyday. Students in the red group will attend Monday and Tuesday. Students in the Blue Group will attend Wednesday and Thursday. Groups will alternate on Fridays. If all students are to remain at home, the date will be highlighted in yellow. 


    To see the A/B- Group schedule please click here.  For Febuary - June click here.


Student Entry

  • Students will need to be Covid-19 cleared to enter the building. Every student will have their temperate checked prior to entry. Once cleared, students will enter the building based on their last name. Please see the information below.


    Red Day (Mon/Tues)

    • Last Name A-C: Enter through Auditorium                                                 
    • Last Name D-G: Enter through Main Entrance
    • Last Name H-J:  Enter through Back Entrance 


    Red Day


    Blue Day (Wed/Thurs)

    • Last Name K-P: Enter through Auditorium
    • Last Name Q-U: Enter through Main Entrance
    • Last Name V-Z: Enter through Back Entrance


    Blue Day