Message from Principal Square

  • Our commitment to doing what is in the best interest of students, coupled with our existing relationship with all stakeholders, especially students and parents,  reinforces the high quality of education our students receive. Thank you for engaging with us throughout the school year.


    We made campus level decisions with three priorities in mind

    • Safety & Health
    • Learning
    • Mission Statement


    Together, we will ensure we #ReconnectSafely and #ReturnStrong.


Safety First

    • All teachers at ECHS will teach face to face and virtual students at the same time
      • This allows students to keep current schedule and teachers
    • Teachers will mostly follow virtual schedule with face to face students
      • Remember, teachers will remain in one area in the classroom to maintain social distancing protocols
    • Students reporting in person may be moved to a different classroom with less students to engage virtually in order to support social distancing protocols (safety)

Mission Statement

  • The mission of East Early College High School is to prepare underrepresented populations for a successful college experience through increasing rigor, developing supportive relationships, and showing the relevance of knowledge to real life experiences.


    We strive to graduate all incoming freshmen in four years with not only the advanced high school diploma but also with up to 60 hours of college credit.

How We Made Campus Based Decisions

  • These decisions ensure we prioritize safety, learning, and students' opportunity to remain on track for Associate’s Degree (Mission Statement)