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    Dual Credit Advisory Sub-Committee - Early College High Schools

    • Stephanie Square*
    • Dr. Gabriel Slack
    • Jodie Khan
    • Melissa Jacobs
    • Dr. Samantha Brooks 


    1. Revisit the purpose of early colleges are and how can we inspire and inform the students.
    2. Early College HS Principals, and P-TECH can talk about the nuances of the type of student that we are looking for in Early College HS.
    3. Available resources

    Reviewed the Major Themes (from previous meeting minutes)

    • Early College High Schools (ECHS) – revisit the purpose of early colleges, how to inspire and inform students.
    • Early College and P-TECH Principals – talked about the nuances of the types of students we are looking for in ECHS. It would be great to get some consistency.
    • Available resources for ECHS Students – those available resources will be extended to all dual credit students.
    • Develop a Tool-Kit – A great resource to have available to all dual credit students, faculty, administration, and counselors.


    Next Meeting: Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.