keep calm and do Biology

    Marla Maharaj

    Grade: 9th
    Conference Period: B1
    Room 313
    Phone: 713-741-2410
    Biology is such an amazing topic of discussion and affects our lives in so many different ways. It helps us to really appreciate the inter-connectedness of life at a variety of levels that can help us to learn more about the environment in and around us. 
    In this study of life, we are able to become more knowledgeable about the science that underlies diseases, environmental issues and dives into hot topics in research, like stem cells and CRISPR gene editing. We become more thoughtful and valuable contributors of debates us we understand more and more about this marvelous world we live in. Biology is not just a study to comprehend the question "what is the meaning of life?" as we all know by now, from a Philosophical stand point that question may never get fully answered, but biology is a fundamental subject that is very useful to everyone on this planet. 
    From this class you will come to appreciate just how beautiful, complex and amazing the natural world truly is.