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     Edward Bandera-Duplantier



      Department:  English II PreAP and English IV 


      Room:  E221


      Phone: 281-920-8000  ext. 036230
     Lesson Plans:
    English II PreAP 8/22-8/26 English IV 8/22-8/26
    English II PreAP 8/29-9/2 English IV 8/29-9/2
     Monday 3:30-4:00  
    Tuesday 11:37-12:07 Except every second Tuesday of the month. 

    Retake Policy: (From WHS Student Handbook)

    ● Only major grades are eligible for retake.

    ● The retake must be completed within two weeks of the original grade being posted.

    ● Retakes are provided for original grades that are 70 or below.

    ● Replacement grades are capped at 70.