Degrees and Certifications:

-Master of Arts in STEM Education (University of Texas at Austin) -Master of Science in Biology (University of Texas - Pan American) -Bachelor of Science in Biology Education with a Spanish Minor (University of Texas - Pan American)

Mr. Alejandro Cantu

Hello! I am Mr. Cantu and will be your HADV Biology teacher this 2021-2022 school year. I'm excited to welcome you all into the classroom again and learn more about Biology together!

I was born and rasied in Monterrey, Mexico, where I lived until I was in 7th grade before moving here to Texas. During my free time I enjoy traveling, playing videogames, going to the movies, and I also enjoy staying active.



    Course Syllabus:

    HADV Biology Syllabus


    Course Description:

    In HADV Biology (we no longer use the label “Pre-AP”), we will learn about how organisms interact with each other and their environment; the relationship between Chemistry and Biology; cells and their physiology; genetics & heredity; evolution and the history of life on Earth; and the human body systems. As we examine these topics, we will use various technologies to conduct research, data analyses, and labs to gain an in-depth understanding of life.


    Communication Preferences:

    Message via TEAMS or email


    Asynchronous Learning:

    In the event student has to quarantine, please notify Mr. Cantu for further instructions on what assignments will need to be completed.



    Class time is always available for extra assistance, but otherwise, please notify Mr. Cantu in advance to set up an appointment.