Magnet Themes

  • HISD Magnet Programming Defined
    The Houston Independent School District prides itself on its many and varied school choice options for students. HISD also remains committed to providing equity in access to high-quality educational programs and instruction through our Magnet programs. Magnet Programs offer specialized curriculum and opportunities related to a given theme, including theme based electives, fieldtrips, and, other learning opportunities. We invite you to take a closer look at HISD. You will see that Houston's public school system offers students a world of great opportunities that will prepare them for success-in  college, in careers, and in life.

    College & Careers Readiness Programs

    Students participating in a Career Magnet program study one of many career-based themes which prepare them for college study in the same major or certification area. 

    College Preparatory

    College Prep Academies focus on Advanced Placement and dual credit college classes to help students prepare for college and earn college credit in a wide variety of subjects. 


    Dual Language Programs

    HISD is rich with diversity, mirroring Houston. Our specialty schools — dual language, language immersion, International Baccalaureate, and internationally focused high schools — offer students the opportunity for broader language study, multicultural explorations, and the skills to function smoothly in a shrinking global environment.


    Early College High School

    Early College High School’s provide students the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and an Associate degree or up to two years of college credit. Students take a mixture of high school and college classes in order to obtain their high school diploma and Associate's degree.

    Fine Arts and/or Performing and Visual Arts

    HISD’s Magnet programs in the fine arts build on academics to give students opportunities for creative expression. Young artists work together to produce high-quality performances, publications, and exhibitions that reflect their understanding of the arts, develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance their self-esteem. 



    Futures Academy 

    Students at eight HISD campuses have the opportunities to earn an associate’s degree and receive career training in high‐demand technical fields through the FUTURES Academy program. 


    International Baccalaureate

    International Baccalaureate schools offer challenging educational programs for students to help develop their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to learn, work, and live comfortably and productively as a citizen of the world. The rigorous and broad IB program empowers students to become dedicated, lifelong, bilingual and biliterate learners who embrace multiculturalism and diversity.

    International Studies

    Students learn about varied cultures, learn to speak different languages, and learn to use technologies important in our global society. Students learn the communication skills necessary to succeed in our rapidly-changing world.


    HISD’s Montessori schools use century-old techniques emphasizing highly personalized learning for each child to develop his/her own interests and full potential. Every classroom is equipped with special materials designed to work with the whole child to develop social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination, and cognition. Class communities emphasize both independent, purposeful work and collaborative explorations.



     Students have the opportunity for in-depth, process-oriented studies of STEM disciplines in conjunction with a strong academic program. These studies develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through relevant and meaningful STEM explorations. Student centered learning emphasizes “hands-on” activities with real world applications.



    Vanguard (Gifted and Talented) 

    HISD’s Vanguard magnet programs serve students who have been identified as gifted and/or talented in intellectual ability or creativity. Vanguard curricula are both accelerated and enriched, and are continually rigorous throughout a student’s academic life. At Carnegie Vanguard, the district’s only Vanguard high school, students must take pre-AP and AP courses in all four core areas plus a foreign language each year.

     World Languages

    Study Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, and world cultures. Varied activities and a diverse, college-bound peer group make learning a language interesting and relevant in today’s global culture. Testing is required. Please contact the school for information. Applications accepted at the ninth-grade level only.