School ends. Learning doesn't.

    When the last bell rings, ACE 21st Century is just getting started with interactive, hands-on learning disguised as fun and aligned to the school curriculum. Local programs also provide homework help, tutoring, and other targeted needs-based assistance, as well as enrichment activities such as sports, clubs, and youth development projects that build character, confidence, and leadership skills.

    Activities are before (7:25-8:25 am) and after (4:15-6:15 pm) the regular school day hours to promote academic and developmental success. 


    Benefits of taking part in the AFTER-SCHOOL activities:

    * Building Teamwork skills                           *  Develop strong social skills

    * Make better decisions                               *   Gains skills in their classes

    * Time management                                     *   Improve work habits and grade

    * Overall changes in student’s success in and outside the classroom

    * Students tend to be more engaged in the classroom

                     ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE IN Wisdom High School

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          English/ Math Tutorial                          Piano                            SPORTS- Weightlifting       

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                   SPORTS- Soccer                       Open Gym/ Volleyball                             Driver’s Education

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                         Cheer                               Principal’s Project                                                Parent’s English class

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              GIRL Up                      POWER Up


    The four core components that make this program successful are:

    • Family engagement
    • Academics
    • Enrichment
    • College Readiness