• Welcome to 5th Grade Science 


    Welcome to fifth grade and I am excited about teaching science to all inqui-zzz-itive learners. I strongly believe in making learning fun by incorporating many creative and engaging activities throughout the lessons and using various teaching methods to reach all learners.

    My classroom

    I incorporate group projects and activities, where students have to work together to develop a product related to the topic and it works very well. This actively engages students and raises their interest in the current topic or unit. Using various learning materials to compliment my teaching helps encourage students to keep them focused on the content.


    I also challenge students by providing hands-on, dynamic activities that require critical thinking skills such as problem-solving, riddles, or reading comprehension questions to spark their interest and get them thinking. Sometimes, allowing these activities to be performed in groups creates more interaction between students and enforces the power of teamwork. I believe cooperative learning activities allow for more interaction between students, letting them learn through listening and speaking or even teaching each other.


    Apart from textbooks, I count on numerous sources for making my class fun: discussion, video clips, group work, experiments, outdoor exploration, and pop-up quizzes.


    Dr. Namrata Singh

    Fifth Grade Science