• Only students who are currently enrolled in a private school or coming from outside of HISD will need to complete this process.  If you are zoned to Bellaire and are currently enrolled in another HISD school, you do not need to complete the online application.


    Please make sure you are submitting an application for the 2022-2023 school year.  Any applications submitted under the wrong school year will be discarded

    After receiving the online application, families will need to give us time to process it; at peak times this can take several weeks. We will be reviewing them in the order there were submitted and someone in the Registrar’s Office will be contacting you with an update.  Monitor your email- this is how we will request any missing documents or notify you that your application is complete.

    • Who needs to submit an enrollment application?

    Only the students that are currently NOT enrolled at another HISD school.

    • If I am active at another HISD school, do I need to submit any documents for enrollment for the school year 2022-23?


    • I submitted a copy of the student’s passport instead of the birth certificate.  Why am I being asked to send a birth certificate?

    A passport establishes the identity of the student but not the guardianship of the adult registering the student.  A birth certificate is required for enrollment. 

    • What do I do if I receive an email asking to submit missing documents?
    • Please do not email the missing documents.  Make copies of the documents and bring them to the school. They can be dropped off inside the safe grey container on the ramp of the temporary building on Maple Street or they can be dropped off to the school main office.
    • What do I do if I submit an Enrollment Application for the wrong school year?

    You may go back in and submit the application for the correct school year.

    • When is the deadline to submit the Final School Report card and Unofficial Transcript?

    June 16, 2022


    When selecting the Enrollment Application, make sure you select “Enroll for the 2022-23 Academic Year”.