• Urban Agriculture


    Not only do Urban Agriculture and Farm To Table Cooking teach skills needed by every human….we have fun watching the wildlife, too! Our school is very fortunate to have herb gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, native trees, a Monarch Heroes’ Garden, native wildflowers, a Hummingbird Highway, and a Diversity Rose Garden! We have gardens that support pollinators and our students and their families. 

    The garden beds in front of Pin Oak were devastated by the freeze in 2020. Our students learned and showed resilience in action by replacing the Indian Hawthorn shrubs with mostly native plants. From Bluebonnets to American Basket Flowers, we are excited to see what each season brings to Pin Oak Middle School!

    You can find our Pin Oak Middle School Biodiversity Project on www.iNaturalist.org. The APP is free for your smartphone and has a companion APP, iSeek, for Under 13-year-olds. We encourage everyone to come to our school grounds and start uploading photos of all plants, insects, and wildlife! Our goal is to have at least 1000 observations by the end of this school year!

    You can identify your neighborhood and start your own project, too!





  • Farm-To-Table Cooking


    For Farm to Table Cooking, we learn basic cooking skills and how to prepare food from our gardens and local grocery stores. We enjoy baking bread and desserts, too! Okonomiyaki is a fan favorite, along with 5 Minute Artisan Bread.



    5 Minute Artisan Bread


  • Pin Oak Middle School has been accepted into the ’22-’23 Student Climate Resilience Ambassadors program through the National Wildlife Federation.

    With this program, Pin Oak Middle School has been awarded $3,000 to install a Rain Garden.  It was designated for high schools, but with our SUCCESSES it was opened to Pin oak!