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    Department:  English


    Room:  E124


    Email:  sandra.hall2@houstonisd.org


    Phone: 281-920-8000 
    • Every day during lunch
    • Mondays after school
    • Additional tutorial times are available by student or parent request. I'm almost always here after school and willing to help all my students achieve success and THRIVE!




     Cycle 1 Week 6 Wrapping Up

    Monday will be a major grade test in OnTrack.
    You will have two short stories. Each will have a few multiple choice questions like last time.
    You will have one constructed response question where you need to respond in a five-sentence paragraph.
    The rubric is here. Also, study indirect characterization for the test. See the image attached.

     Short Response Rubric


    C1 Week 6 Tuesday - Friday

    Lesson Plans (tentative)

    Plans Week of August 29  

    Power School student tutorial:  https://youtu.be/0idI518O89k


    Plans Week of August 22

    You can find the link to your class in our TEAMS page! 
    Period 1 TEAMS P1
    Period 2P2 Teams
    Period 3 P3 TEAMS
    Period 4 P4 TEAMS
    Period 6 P6 TEAMS


    On Tuesday you will complete the writing process and submit your "back to school" beginning of the year writing sample.  
    English 1 classes:  Informational writing sample on the pros and cons of a dress code at Westside High School

    PreAP English classes:  Argumentative writing sample about the best app for kids your age

    The rest of the week we will close read and analyze a complex literary text titled Bread by Margaret Atwood.  
    You will practice the skill of revising and expanding simple sentences by adding details. 

    You will also practice your typing skills in Typing Club every day, to increase your typing speed. Your goal is to be able to type several pages in one class period by the end of 9th grade. 

    Be sure you have a laptop charged every day for this class. 
    Friendly reminder:  Absolutely no earbuds in this class! 



    Cycle 1 Week 4  


    Monday - Students will take a reading test in OnTrack over the text "Bread" by Margaret Atwood
    Tuesday - Close reading and observation of the short story, "The First Day" by Edward P. Jones

    Wednesday/Thursday - Close reading and analyzing "The First Day" for characterization
    Handout 1.3  graphic organzer 
    Writing a complex sentence using a sentence frame

    While the narrator chooses to present her mother as _______, the mother's vulnerability is revealed when _____.. 

    Friday - Students will take the Renaissance STAR reading test which measures students' reading lexile levels.

    You are also required to complete 30 minutes of typing practice each week in TypingClub.com 
    Typing Club

    Class Codes for No Red Ink:  
    P1  open quarter 51
    P2 open gazelle 3
    P3 glowing puppy 90
    P4 windy bunny 63
    P6 fair tent 92
    P7 glossy sheet 46