Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. T. Cooper

Conductor Tyreke Cooper is recognized for his effortless expressiveness and depth of musicianship. With sharp baton technique and natural stage presence, the impressive ease of his interpretations translates even the most complex scores into immersive experiences. His profound understanding of composer and score, taste, and naturally elegant style make him one of the most sought-after conductors of
his generation.

         Tyreke Cooper was born in Queens, New York, but has spent most of his life in Dallas. After graduating from Lancaster High School, he proceeded on to Texas Southern University in Houston, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in music. Mr. Cooper led The Ocean of Soul sousaphone section and was the principal tubist of the premier Symphonic group for many years. He had the good fortune to also play with the Gulf Coast Concert Band, which was conducted and led by The Maestro Benjamin J. Butler. Soon thereafter, Mr. Cooper directed the orchestra programs while teaching at three different institutions. 

        He created the Tuba League as a nonprofit mentorship program to assist with educating our young scholars. Teaching them the things he would have wished someone would've provided him with at a younger age.  Mr. Cooper believes in the power of relationships and works to establish a good rapport with students, parents, community members, and business leaders by being highly visible in the school district and actively involved in the community. His leadership mission is to “speak life” to everyone that he meets—staff, students, and parents—and considers his role as "JY Fly Marching Motion" Band Director to be his dream job.