• Club Objectives:

    The Lamar Badminton Club takes steps to provide a healthy environment for badminton enthusiasts and opportunities for members to build upon their skills with other fellow members.

    Club Motto:

    Best Badminton Birdies, get better at Badminton

    Who Can Join?

    We, the LMA value high morality and consistent behavior in members that will guarantee the stability and future of our club. Future members with these qualities must apply to the LMA

    and obtain their own personal badminton racket upon acceptance.

    What Will We Do?

    Members play badminton every Thursday, after lunch in the gym.

  • Meeting Time and Location:

    Thursday's second half of lunch in the Gym.


    Clarita contreras  

    Vice President:

    Christian Wooten


    Lorenzo Hernandez


    Wesley Ning




    Emily Maldonado 

    For More Information: Clarita Contreras