• Club Objectives:

     A club for Lamar students to celebrate, appreciate, and educate themselves and others on the history, culture, and achievements of Black Americans. 

    Club Motto:

     "We all have our purpose, we all have our strengths." - Beyonce Knowles 

    Who Can Join?

     Fill out the following membership form: https://forms.gle/rAK2aNkCQcGgSi33A 

    What Will We Do?

     Cultural Celebrations & Unity Events: We host cultural events and celebrations, such as Black History Month assemblies, Thanksgiving Culture Fest, Kwanzaa celebrations, where members can learn about and appreciate the rich heritage of Black Americans. We also collaborate with many other organizations and clubs throughout the year to celebrate different cultures and traditions.

    Educational Workshops & Creative Expression: Our club offers informative workshops on various topics, including African and African American history, social justice issues, and Black literature. We also provide a platform for artistic expression through poetry slams, karaoke, talent showcases, etc. allowing students to express their talents and creativity.

    Community Outreach & Social Gatherings: We believe in giving back to the community. Our members participate in volunteer activities and community service projects that address issues impacting Black communities, such as food drives, advocacy efforts, infographics, etc. We also make time for fun and social interaction from game nights to karaoke, we create a welcoming and supportive environment for members.

    Meeting Time and Location:

    Every last Friday of each month during the second half of lunch in 12A. 

  • Club Sponsor:

    Nicholas Burlin 


    Kathryn Stansell

    Vice President:

    Myah Watkins


    Kinsley Morin


    Cameron Hicks




    Aaryn Sophus

    For More Information:

     Kathryn Stansell