• Kate Bell offers a variety of engaging learning activities during the after-school program. Visit the club pages to see what is happening in each.
  • Yearbook
    The yearbook staff puts together the school yearbook. They are responsible for the components of the yearbook and taking pictures at the various school events. Meeting dates and times coming soon!
  • Chess
    Members of the chess club earn the basics of chess and play online and on chess boards. Strategy, basic moves and techniques are practiced during club meetings. Meeting dates and times coming soon! 
  • ArtClub
    There are two groups of Art Club Sections. 
    Section 1: Primary
    Students do more craft type activities with the basics of art included into the activities. The grade range is generally 1st - 3rd. 
    Section 2: Intermediate
    Students engage in formal art activities such as working on different types of art and techniques used in the art world. The grade range is generally 4th and 5th.
    Meeting dates and times will be posted soon. 
  • STEM
    The STEM club does a variety of activities ranging from robotics to basic computer maintenance.  Traditionally, the club experiences computer programming, Lego building, and learns Mindstorm to program robots. They also compete in several robotic competitions . Stay tuned for meeting dates and times.