• 8th Grade Course Syllabus


    Instructor:                    S. Cruz

    Phone Number:         832-277-0967

    Email:                         scruz@houstonisd.org  


    Description of the course:  The Mathematics program at Sharpstown International School prepares our students for future challenges in mathematics.  We have chosen a program that includes an active approach to learning problem-solving skills. Its style leads students to the discovery of mathematical ideas.  Then, once they’ve discovered these ideas, students communicate what they’ve learned, and apply what they know.  Our program allows students problems individually and in teams.  It focuses on real-life situations to help students appreciate the power of mathematics in their daily lives. 


    8th Grade Units:


    ·        Unit 1   Real Numbers and Scientific Notation

    ·        Unit 2   Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships Part 1 and 2

    ·        Unit 3   Systems of Equations

    ·        Unit 4   Writing Linear Equations

    ·        Unit 5   Functions

    ·        Unit 6   Angle Relationships

    ·        Unit 7   Pythagorean Theorem

    ·        Unit 8   Volume and Surface Area of Geometric Solids

    ·        Unit 9   Solving Equations and Inequalities

    ·        Unit 10 Transformations and Congruence

    ·        Unit 11 Dilations and Similarity

    ·        Unit 12 Scatter Plots

    ·        Unit 13 Sampling

    ·        Unit 14 Financial Literacy

    ·        Unit 15 Readiness and Supporting Standards Review

    ·        Unit 16  Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships Part 3


    Classroom Rules


    1.    BE RESPECTFUL.

    ·        Be courteous when someone is speaking. Listen.

    ·        Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


    ·        Bring all materials needed to learn. (Pencils, Notebook, Homework, etc.)

    ·        Keep your area clean.

    ·        Stay on task.

    3.    BE RELENTLESS.

    ·        Don’t quit!!!


    Materials Needed:


    1.     2 Composition Notebook (for note-taking)

    2.     one  1”- 2” Binder

    3.     Notebook paper      

    4.     Pencils

    5.     Crayola markers fine line

    6.     Expo dry erase markers (2)


    Student conduct: Students should not engage in disruptive activities while in the classroom.  Any conduct that is deemed detrimental to the academic atmosphere, such as cell phone use or consistently talking during instructional delivery, will not be tolerated. Any student found guilty of such conduct will be given the following consequences.




    1st offense: Warning

    2nd offense: Parent Notification

    3rd offense: Parent-teacher conference

    4th offense: Write-up


    Tardiness:  The student is responsible for getting to class on time.  Chronic tardiness will lead to parent notification and appropriate disciplinary action.  The student needs to be in class before the tardy bell.


    I-pods and Cell Phones: Any I-pods or cell phones being used during class will be taken up and turned in to the office as described in the student handbook.  Listening to music while working may be beneficial for some students but it is an overall distraction for the class. 


    Food or Drinks: Water in containers with a lid will be permitted.  No other food or drinks are allowed during class.


    Make-Up work: Make up work will only be given to students who have an excused absence. The student is responsible for asking the instructor for any work that was missed. The teacher will discuss with the student how long the student has to turn in any make-up work.


    Grading policy:


                Scale:                                                            Nine-Week Grade:

                90 – 100         = A                              Homework                                       10%

                80 – 89           = B                              Class work/Participation              20%

                75 – 79           = C                              Project                                               20%

                70 – 74           = D                              Quizzes                                             20%

              Below 70         = F                           Test                                                       30%

                                                                            TOTAL                                               100%                                                



    Tues.-Thurs.               3:20 p.m.- 4:20 p.m.


Last Modified on February 6, 2018