• Ms. Garza’s Language Arts Syllabus


    Course Description:

    Seventh grade Language Arts involves reading, writing, thinking, planning, creating, listening and presenting.  


    Class Materials:

    Black or blue pens                      

    Composition notebook                                    

    Loose leaf paper (NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS)


    Attendance Policy:

    Students are responsible for any missed class assignments.  If you are absent for ANY REASON you are required to complete the missed. 

    • Students will be allowed six days immediately following their absence to make up their work.
    • If you need classroom resources to complete missed assignments please schedule a time with me to come in before or after school to use those resources.


    Please Note: It is your responsibility to get the assignments needed for the days you were absent.


    Late Work:

    If an assignment is turned in late it will be 10 pts off of the final grade for each school day it is late.



    Students are required to keep a notebook containing all class work that is divided into sections. The notebook is very important and will figure significantly in each student’s grade for each 9 week period and will also represent his or her work in this class. 


    Grading Policy:

    The following grading scale will be used in this class:

                            100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79-70% = C, 69-60% = D, 59% and below = F


    The Writing Process:

    This year we will cover six units; each of them will include the same steps of the writing process:

    Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit, and Publish


    Grammar: This year we will incorporate No Red Ink online lessons that students can access from school or from home.


    Reading: This year we will incorporate Achieve 3000 online lessons that students can access from school or from home.


    Classroom Behavior:

    Just like all classes at Sharpstown International School, positive behavior and positive attitudes are required for this class. Your actions and attitude are a matter of choice.  ALL students enrolled in 7thgrade Language Arts are expected to follow ALL school policies and procedures.  Additionally, an atmosphere of respect is what is expected in my classroom at all times.


    “If you think you can do it, or you think you can’t do it, you are right.”  -- Henry Ford

Last Modified on September 20, 2018