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    Dear 8th grade Science Scholars,

    Welcome to science!  Science is an amazing and interesting subject.  It requires that we study our world around us, as well as use questions and experiments, and reason and logic to figure out how the world works.  Becoming a science scholar is hard work, and it takes lots of practice.  In this class, you will learn how to think like a science scholar, and you will perform experiments and answer questions the way scientists do. Not only will we learn how to be scientists, but we will also learn how to think critically and ask questions. The skills learned in this class will help to prepare you for higher level classes. By taking higher level classes, and being prepared to succeed in those classes, you open the door to a world of opportunities! The more knowledge you gain this year, the more power you will hold to make the choices you want for your future. Knowledge is power!


    We have two goals in this class:

    ·         EVERY student will pass the STAAR exam/ Stanford test

    ·         EVERY student will pass my end of year exam with AT LEAST an 80%

    To accomplish these goals you must work hard at school and hard at home.  In class, we must use every minute wisely to learn the information you need, and at home you must practice what you learn in order to remember it.  This means doing your homework EVERY NIGHT!  Working hard at school and hard at home will help you to become the best science scholars in the state of Texas.


    Year at a Glance: How can we think critically and apply our science knowledge to the real world?

    Matter and Energy

    -    Introduction to Chemistry; Chemical Reactions and Formulas

    Earth and Space

    -    Force and Motion; Earth, Sun, Moon; Universe; Atmosphere; Plate Tectonics

    Organisms and Environments

    -    Organisms and Populations; Human Impact

    Scientific Investigation and Reasoning Skills

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