• Physical Education (6-8)


    Sharpstown International School








    Course Description

    Physical Education at the middle school level provides a balanced program of rhythmic activities, team, individual and dual activities, lifetime sports, and recreational activities. Through these activities, students are provided an opportunity to learn and practice self-responsibility, sportsmanship, fair play, and other skills that promote good citizenship. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes physical conditioning based on individual needs through testing and evaluation of students to enhance fitness and wellness lifestyles.


    Course Competencies

    As a result of completing each of the course requirements to criteria, it is expected that the students will….


    • Demonstrate competency in movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms.
    • Applies movement concepts and principles to learning and development of motor skills.
    • Exhibits a health enhancing, physically-active lifestyle that provides opportunities for enjoyment and challenge.
    • Knows the benefits from involvement in daily physical activity and factors that affect physical performance.
    • Understands and applies safety practices associated with physical activities.
    • Understands basic components such as strategies and rules of structured physical activities including, but not limited to, games, sports, dance and gymnastics
    • Develops self-management and social skills needed to work independently and with others in physical activity settings.


    Course Requirements          


                 Exams/Major Work             30%

                Class work/Participation      60%

                Homework                             10%




    Grading Scale

    • A= 90-100
    • B= 80-89
    • C= 75-79
    • D= 70-74
    • F= 69-50


    CELL PHONE, IPOD, ELECTRONIC DEVICES POLICY- The use of cell phones, IPods or any other electronic devices, unless permission is granted, during class is strictly prohibited. This includes sending or checking text messages. A violation of this policy will result in the confiscation of the device until the end of the day. You may pick your device up in my room after dismissal. Repetitive cell phone violations will result in the confiscation of the device, which will then be turned into the office.











    1. Be PROMPT –be in your seat and ready to learnprior to the bell ringing.


    1. Be PREPARED –have all class materials/assignments EVERYDAY!

    This includes proper dress attire: PE Uniform and Sneakers. 

    You will be docked 5 points for each NON-DRESS!  This will be strictly enforced.


    1. Be ready to PARTICIPATE- BE READY TO MOVE!! This is a physical education class so you are expected to put forth effort and expend some energy!


    1. No gum chewing!


    Consequences for Violation of Classroom Rules


    1st Offense: Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense: Student-Teacher Conference

    3rd Offense: Phone Call Home

    4th Offense: Parent-Student-Teacher Conference

    5th Offense: Office Referral


    ** For extreme behavior, an office referral will be earned regardless of a warning**

Last Modified on February 12, 2019