• History of Thomas Edison Middle School

    Edison Middle School was first built in 1925, located in the East of Downtown Houston by Magnolia Park, and currently serves about 700 students in the area. Magnolia Park is an area of the East End, Houston, Texas, located near the Houston Ship Channel. One of the oldest Hispanic neighborhoods in the City of Houston, Magnolia Park was formerly incorporated as the City of Magnolia Park in eastern Harris County.
    History of the Magnolia Area
    In 1890 Magnolia Park was laid out on a 1,374-acre (556 ha) site on Harrisburg Road across Brays Bayou from Harrisburg and 7 miles (11 km) downstream from Houston. The plot was owned by Thomas M. Brady, and the community was named for the 3,750 magnolias planted by developers. The Magnolia Park community was organized in 1909. The city incorporated in 1913.
    Magnolia Park originally had non-Hispanic White Americans. Mexican-Americans from South Texas started to settle in Magnolia Park in 1911. Many Mexicans fleeing the Mexican Revolution settled in Magnolia Park. Magnolia Park was annexed to Houston in October 1926. All of Magnolia Park is zoned to Edison Middle School.
    (1913 zone map of the City of Houston)

    Originally Edison was known as Park Junior High School. At that time it was part of the Harrisburg Independent School District that served Magnolia Park, Central Park and PineView. Park Junior HighSchool was opened December 14, 1925.
    Edison 1926 Faculty




    Park Junior High School

    In February, 1932, with the approval of the faculty, parents and students, Park Junior High School was renamed Thomas Alva Edison Junior High School.

    Edison Class of 1940
    Typical Class of 1940

    Edison Principals 1925 to 1975


    In 1985, the old Edison Junior High School building was torn down to make room for Edison Middle School.

    Park Junior High Tear Down
    Edison Principals 1975-1990
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    Edison Principals After 1990
    Edison Junior Vaqueros 1998
    Principals 1990 - Now