School Offices

  • At the end of the 2009–2010 school year, HISD replaced the school organizational structure based on five regions to a structure of three chief schools officers, 22 school-improvement officers, and one charter school compliance officer, all with the expertise in the specific level for serving elementary, middle, or high schools.

    Schools Offices

    HISD has three chief schools officers (CSOs) to oversee elementary, middle, and high schools. (Another oversees alternative and charter campuses.) CSOs provide leadership to school improvement officers (SIOs) and principals, align resources and supports for teachers, and ensure that the district is providing equitable and quality educational opportunities for its students. Contact information for each officer is below.

    Elementary Schools Office
    Chief Schools Officer Samuel Sarabia
    Main Phone: 713-556-7100
    Parent Community Assistance: 713-556-7121

    Middle Schools Office
    Chief Schools Officer S. Dallas Dance
    Main Phone: 713-556-7102
    Parent Community Assistance: 713-556-7121

    High Schools Office
    Chief Schools Officer Aaron Spence
    Main Phone: 713-556-7143
    Parent Community Assistance: 713-556-7121

    Alternative and Charter Schools Office
    Chief Schools Officer Aaron Spence
    Main Phone: 713-556-6995
    Parent Community Assistance: 713-556-7121

    Visit the “Find a School” section of the Schools Channel to determine which officer oversees a particular campus.