• Welcome back !

    I am looking forward to meeting you next Monday. This will be a great year because your beautiful artwork will be displayed throughout T. H. Rogers, the city of Houston, and the state of Texas. Hopefully, we will be able to show your art skills and be rewarded in National Scholastic.
    As in the past, we will begin our exploration with drawing exercises, and continue with various different types of media including paint, pastels, and photography. We will develop themes based on mythology and stories from antiquity. These basic human emotions have been recorded from man's earliest history, and they have crossed through all cultures and time periods to our present day. Together, you and I will create works of art expressing your interpretations through symbols and color.


    Hopefully, you will create a beautiful work of art to be appreciated by your family and friends. Initally looking at a blank paper or canvas is intimidating. But with the attitude Albert Einstein has written in his famous quote, you will look forward to my class and enjoy.
    Ciao, Ms. Tata