Second Grade Math : Miss Ortiz


    Email :  SORTIZ4@houstonisd.org


    Conference Time: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:15 - 11:00

    Important News/Announcement

    • Please remember to send the conduct sheet and graded work back by Monday!
    Learning Focus:
    Multiplication (Modules 6 - 9)
    -Relate addition to multiplication
    -Use skip counting on a number line to multiply
    -Use diagrams to model multiplication
    -Use arrays to model multiplication
    -Use properties of multiplication to find products
    -Solve single and multi-step multiplication problems
    -Multiply with fluency
    Terms to know:
    multiplication, multiply, equal groups, arrays, diagrams, repeated addition, commutative property, associative property, distributive property, identity property
     Homework Assignments:

     Tuesday Night

    Upcoming Tests  

    Multiplication Spelling Test - Friday, January 31