• 2024 Spring Graduation


  • Spring graduation ceremonies for HISD's Class of 2024 will be held in early June. For specific information about your school's ceremony, check the graduation schedule.


      • Seating will be limited and require ticketed access at HISD Fieldhouses and NRG Arena. Campuses will provide additional information on tickets and seating. 

        For HISD venues (Barnett and Delmar Fieldhouse), HISD police will be available to direct traffic in and out of the graduations. There are no fees associated with parking; however, please practice safety while locating a parking space.

        For NRG Park (Arena and Stadium), graduates and guests are responsible for their own parking fees ($22+tax, debit or credit card only). Officers and parking attendants will be available to direct traffic in and out of the graduations.

        When arriving at the NRG Arena, guests will enter gates 3 and 4 on Fannin Street. Buses will enter via gate 9 off Kirby Drive and Westridge Street and park in blue lot 24.

        When arriving at the NRG Stadium, guests will enter gate 9 on Kirby Drive. Buses will enter via gate 10 on Kirby Drive and park in red lot 2.


      • In keeping with HISD’s core value of student safety, all graduates and guests will be screened using metal detectors and/or security wands. To expedite movement of guests through the lines to enter the facilities, we strongly encourage guests not to bring any bags, however, if needed then consider a bag that is clear (size recommendation no larger than 12” x 6” x12”) or carry a small clutch purse (size recommendation 4.5” x 6.5”) approximately the size of a hand. All bags are subject to search.


      • Please note that failure to comply with guidelines may result in denial of entry and/or ejection from the venue.

        • Disorderly conduct
        • Smoking/Vaping
        • Use and/or possession of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited
        • Firearms, explosives or weapons of any kind are not allowed
        • Laser pointers
        • Littering
        • Noisemakers, air horns, cowbells, whistles
        • Flowers/bouquets
        • Use of drones
        • Balloons, confetti, powder, large posters, signs, and streamers
        • Outside food (clear water bottle is permissible as applicable for health needs)
        • Glitter (thrown)
        • Wandering away from the designated areas or into restricted areas
        • Any item deemed inappropriate for the event by Houston ISD staff


      • Graduates will dress in appropriate attire under their academic regalia and must have their cap and gown upon entrance to the venue. Graduates may want to consider wearing heels of modest height as they will be walking up steps and steep ramps to access/exit the stage. Campuses will contact parents of graduating seniors to provide more information on ordering their cap and gown.

        Graduates are allowed to wear:

        • academic medals and/or athletic achievement they have earned throughout their high school journey,
        • honor cords representing various achievement (such as honor societies, clubs, or academic excellence, 
        • HISD ribbons denoting a specific accomplishment, 
        • graduation stoles symbolizing their academic journey or other stoles with the approval of the campus principal/designee,
        • decorated and/or personalized graduation cap with the approval of the principal/designee. 

        No electronic devices including cellular phones will be allowed onto the venue floor by the graduates.


      • Students who have successfully met all graduation requirements are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony. For information on HISD Graduation Requirements, please click here.

      • Additional InformationFor additional questions about graduation, please contact your campus.


          • Guest Arrival
            Seating for all ceremonies will begin one hour before the assigned ceremony start time. No guests are allowed in the graduate staging area or on the event floor at any time.

            Student Arrival
            Graduates are encouraged to arrive at the venue one and half hours (1.5) before the ceremony time to check-in with campus personnel and line up in alphabetical order to be ready to enter the venue on time.

            Exiting After the Event
            Guests are asked to remain seated until all graduates have exited via the recessional. Graduates will meet up with their families and guests outside the building/venue.


          • HISD Police, in partnership with other law enforcement, will be on-hand for safety and traffic control during the graduation ceremony. First Aid stations will be onsite for emergencies.


          • Graduates participating in the spring graduation ceremony are expected to exhibit the highest level of discipline and decorum when assembling, during the processional, when walking across the stage, and during the recessional. Exemplary conduct throughout the graduation ceremony will make this event a most memorable occasion for everyone. 

            Poses, flips, dances, pranks, or hand gestures are prohibited other than a handshake while accepting the diploma.


          • Please be respectful of other graduates’ names after their name is called. ALL families/friends want to hear their graduate’s name called. Clapping and respectful cheering is allowed. Please refrain from yelling, screaming, and lengthy cheering. Excessive yelling and screaming is disrespectful to the other guests and graduates.

            Be respectful of other guests by staying in your seat before until those on the Commencement platform exit during the recessional.

            Cell phones are permitted, but out of courtesy for other guests and students, please silence your phone. Do not speak on a cell phone or carry on a conversation during the formal speaking portions of the ceremony and while graduates receive their diploma on stage.

            For your safety and the safety of others, please do not toss any objects in the air during the ceremony.

            No guests are allowed in the graduate staging area or on the event floor at any time.