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HISD teachers will be using Reading A-Z "Raz-Plus", from Learning A-Z, for reading materials and running record tools. The data from those records will be entered into OnTrack using the BRR assessments.

To Start: Attend PD Lab to Understand New Tools - Click here to Register

1. Determine reading level - Using placement tool or past BRR scores report

2. Assign lexile level passage for student

3. Assess student with RAZ-plus online method or from Teams live option

4. Score: Reading, Retell, and Recall Quiz

5. Report Scores to OnTrack (Task Card)

Video: Teacher Login

Task Card: Administering Benchmark Running Records



Administer youK- 5th grade Benchmark Running Records on Raz-Plus. 

If issues or errors are encountered in executing any of the performance tasks, please contact the Service Desk

Video: Student Placement Tool - Determining Reading Level

Video: Demonstration - Assigning and Student Assessment

Video: Online Running Records Process

Video: Using Teams and RAZplus PDFs for live process

Video: OnTrack Report to See Past Student Running Record Scores

Task Card: Student Login Information for Learning A-Z

Student Login - Spanish

Help youPreK- 5th grade student log into Raz Plus. Raz-Kids, the student portal of Paz-Plus,

If issues or errors are encountered in executing any of the performance tasks, please contact the Service Desk 

Video: Placement Tool Purpose and Demonstration

Task Card: Teacher Scoring


Use this task card and video to assist you with scoring online assessment submissions from students.

Video: Scoring Demonstration

Task Card: Teacher Report

Use this task card and produce reports for scores that will be entered into OnTrack.

Learning A-Z Level Correlation Chart - Raz-Plus English

Entering Records into OnTrack Enter your record data from reports or running record sheets into OnTrack
VIDEO: How to Share (Share-in) Students Between Teachers  When team team teachers or co-teachers need access to student data, use this video to use the "Share-in" features of RAZplus.
VIDEO: OnTrack Report to See Past Student Running Record Scores Run this report from OnTrack to see your class roster of past BRR reading levels. 
RAZ Parent Tips - How to use distance learning resources for parents. Tips for parents on reading resources available for them to use with their students.

Upcoming BRR PD OneSource Course ID coming soon:  

  • RAZ Plus- 4th and 5th grade teachers a training on Sept. 28th . 
  •  1st – 3rd will do Scholastic Literacy by 3 Reboot Sept 28th
  •  Kindergarten will do a Reading Academy on the Sept. 28th


Below is the Houston ISD - Running Record Labs information. 

Teachers can register using this link:

After registering, teachers will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 



Thursday, September 17

3 PM – 5 PM

Friday, September 18

10 AM – 2 PM

Tuesday, September 22

10 AM – 2 PM

Wednesday, September 23

3 PM – 5 PM

Tuesday, September 29

3 PM – 5 PM

Wednesday, September 30

10 AM – 2 PM

Thursday, October 1

3 PM – 5 PM

Monday, October 8

3 PM – 5 PM

Wednesday, October 14

10 AM – 2 PM


Professional Development Recordings:

Click the images below to view the recorded PD

Using The Learning A-Z's Placement Tool and Running Record Resources

RAZ PD recording


How to Share (Share-in) Students Between Teachers 

sharing students video


For more information or support, contact:


In-Person Site Version


Curriculum HFWE Web Site: HFWE Web site

The Benchmark Running Record, an assessment tool used by Houston ISD to determine students’ independent reading levels, is available for K-5 students. Several options are available for administering a Benchmark Running Record:

  • Teachers may select from the online resource available in the HUB for respective grade levels.
  • Teachers may use the Next Steps in Guided Reading assessment kits available at elementary campuses.
  • Campuses that possess DRA2 kits may use those.
  • Spanish assessment kits are also available at elementary campuses.

A Benchmark Running Records post-assessment will be administered at the end of the Summer School program for Reading grades K-2. Results should be recorded in the OnTrack platform. Benchmark Running record data will be recorded in OnTrack.

 (Office365 links below open using your HISD email, then choose school/work account)

Benchmark Running Records Site

...view information about what Benchmark Running Records are, how they are used, recommended settings, and presentation materials.




Benchmark Running Records


…access, enter, and review Benchmark Running Record results.