We need parent volunteers to teach classes for Junior Achievement’s Free Enterprise Education programs during the regular school day.  Parents can volunteer for as little as one class period (45 minutes) or as many as one class a week for 5 weeks.  You set your own schedule with your teacher. You will be trained and supported throughout the experience. The curriculum is interactive and fun.  The secret ingredient is YOU, AN INVOLVED PARENT SHARING YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE. 

    All materials, lesson plans and activities are provided by Junior Achievement and are ready for pick up from your teacher.  You may teach in any class, whether your child is in the class or not. 

    For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Tobey Forney

    If you are a working parent, Junior Achievement has a relationship with most local businesses that allow time off for volunteering.   Confirm with your employer the availability to volunteer during work hours.   Thanks for your enthusiastic support.  YOU MAY BE THE DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S FUTURE.