• LAMAR DIGITAL Book Catalogs 

    The Houston Independent School District (H.I.S.D.) and the Houston Public Library (H.P.L.) have formed a partnership to ensure every H.I.S.D. student has access to H.P.L.'s vast assortment of books and resources. Students can now use their student IDs to check out books at any of HPL's 43 locations and access online resources through the HUB.  All H.I.S.D. students are automatically enrolled in this program, called the HPL Learning Link. The HPL Learning Link student account does not collect any overdue fines or fees. However, students are responsible for a $10.00 fee per lost or damaged book.   

    Student's HISD login and password will provide them access to age-appropriate and pre-approved online HPL resources via the HUB. To access, students must follow the instructions below:

    1. Log into the HUB.
    2. Click on the "Digital Resources" tab at the top of the page.
    3. Click on the HPL Learning Link logo.
    4. Enter your username and pin in the following format:
       USERNAME: First initial of last name (capitalized) + student ID number
       PIN: MMDD (date of birth)
       EXAMPLE: For Jane Smith with student id 123456 and birth date of 12/01/2001
                        Username: S123456
                        Pin: 1201
    Lamar offers a wide array of books that can be checked out by students from the library, but also offers books for the new age of digital readers. Students have access to an extensive collection of e-books which can be downloaded through their PowerUp devices or any other tablets, phones, or readers.
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    Destiny Library
    Online library catalog - Find physical books in the Lamar library or check out digital books online.   
    Follett Shelf
     Easy to access e-Content and books for students.