• Members:
    Ms. Garcia
    Teacher Members:
    Ms. A. Martinez Ms. Rendon
    Ms. De Vera Ms. Llanas
    Ms. Montano Ms. Tetreault

    Special Education: 

     Ms. Irasema Sanchez 

    Parent Members:
    Lorena Lara Virginia Sanchez
    Community Members:
    Gregorio Cabrera Erica Alanis
    Professional Members:
    Ms. Rubio Ms. Luterman
     Ms. Barrientos  
    Business Representative:
    Mirella Rodriguez

    Meeting Agenda & Minutes

    August 30, 2018



      I.         Welcome of New Members
     II.         Accountability Report- Garcia
                  a.         Met Accountability
                  b.         Earned 6 Distinctions
    III.         Data Analysis- Garcia
                  a.         Indicates disparity between programs
                  b.         Continued focus on growth in reading
                  c.         Development of writing program
    IV.         School Improvement Plan- Garcia
                  a.         Review initiatives (developed from data above)
                  b.         Dyslexia services
                  c.         Better Faster Program
    V.         Fall Festival/Spirit Week
    VI.       Jump Rope for Heart- K. Hernandez
    VII.     Elect Chairperson


    Minutes 8.30.2018


    January 30, 2019



    I. Early Dismissal Climate Survey

    II. Teacher Recognitions

    III. Ancillary “Awesome” / GT Showcase & PK Night

    IV. M-TADS Proposal and Feedback


     Minutes 01.30.19


    April 23, 2019



    I.   Membership

      a.   New Requirements- “If no special education professional staff member is among the two-thirds classroom teachers, or one-third other professional staff elected to serve on the SDMC, the principal is responsible for ensuring that a special education representative is appointed as a nonvoting member of the committee.

      b.   Next Year- May elections 

    II.   Survey Results

      a.   General: 

        i.   Overwhelmingly positive, especially with appraiser feedback. 

        ii.   Statements reflecting misconceptions of code of conduct.

        iii.   Misconceptions of processes involving investigations.

      b.   Glows:

        i.   My team discusses instructional strategies and curriculum issues. 

        ii.   There is a rich and strong tradition of rituals and celebrations, including holidays, special events, and recognition of goal attainment. 

        iii.   Members of our school community seek to define the problem/issue rather than to blame others. 

      d.   Suggestions/Comments

        i.   School wide management system

        ii.   Feelings of disconnection

    III.   Budget 2018-19

      a.   Non-recurring costs

      b.   Saturday tutorials cancellation and expected impact

    IV.   Planning for 2019-20

      a.   Program Change- Fine Arts

      b.   Budget Reduction

        i.    Consulting

        ii.   Tutorials Time

        iii.  Club dates

      c.   Incestigate training for school wide management program

         i.   CHAMPS

         ii.  Conscious Discipline

         iii. Other?


    Minutes 04.23.2019


    May 15, 2019



    I. Golden Armadillo Award

    II. Memberships/ Elections 

    III. Resignation of Principal Garcia

    IV. Community Imput Sessions: Wednesday, April 22nd

        a. Teachers: 3:30 P.M

        b. Parents 5:00 P.M



    Minutes 05.15.19