Searchable check register

  • HISD Check Register
        A screen shot from a typical vendor search.

    The Houston Independent School District’s online check register, which debuted in April 2007, allows taxpayers to see exactly how the district spends their money.

    An online search tool attached to a database lets visitors to the district’s public Web site view a registry of any check HISD has written for any product or service in the last three years.

    The fully searchable database contains the names and amounts paid to more than 39,000 vendors, including checks written from all operating funds of the district (i.e., General Fund and Debt Service Fund as well as funds for capital projects, food services, grants, internal services, miscellaneous enterprises, and student activities).

    To use the database, simply click this link Check Register Online Search Engine (CROSE).

    Visitors may opt to search for a vendor by the first letter of the vendor’s name, vendor’s number, all vendors or dates and amounts within a selected vendor.

    Only checks that are less than three years old are displayed on the register.

    Questions about the online check register may be sent by e-mail to